Dixon may face death

Curtis Dixon
Curtis Dixon
Jessica Faulkner
Jessica Faulkner

A life or death decision Monday from prosecutors. Curtis Dixon now faces the death penalty if he's convicted of strangling Jessica Faulkner in her dormitory at UNCW.

Monday afternoon, Jessica Faulkner's parents faced their daughters accused killer for the first time in a hearing that declared Curtis Dixon could face the death penalty if found guilty.

Dixon first looked at his family as he walks into the courtroom. They'd traveled from Charlotte and Florida to support the 21-year-old. He then turned to the Faulkner family, making eye contact for a fleeting second, before looking straight down.

Dixon is accused of kidnapping, raping and strangling Jessica Faulkner, also a UNCW student. She was found dead in Dixon's dorm room just over a month ago.

Dixon showed no emotion after the judge okayed the plan by prosecutors to ask for the death penalty.

Also during the 15 minute hearing, prosecutors requested Dixon's school records to find out the extent of his troubles before he enrolled at UNCW.

When the hearing ended, a man wearing a gold tie exited the courtroom. He is the man Dixon calls his father. Dixon, News 6 has learned, was adopted as a child.

As far as Dixon's school records, a judge will consider and rule on that request Tuesday afternoon.

Reported By Nicole Konkal