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My Turn: Freedom of speech turns deadly

It is scary to see the mob mentality brewing in the Middle East right now.  Reports say the protests started from an anti-Islam film posted on the internet.  If that's true, I have a hard time understanding this horrific reaction.

I've often wondered why protesters feel compelled to go beyond just getting their message out to the extremes of destroying life and property.  I can't see where that helps their cause or credibility one bit.

Free speech exists in the United States for many reasons.  It's written into our Constitution.  It's an important right for United States citizens.  But it also leads to some hateful propaganda.  And in this case, it appears that once again it has turned deadly.

I see a lot of irony in what's going here, and I wonder what their god, Allah would do if he was faced with these same circumstances.  While I don't profess to know a lot about their faith, I'm guessing the Allah I've read about would not support the brutal attacks on Americans that we've had to suffer through this week. 

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Emailed comments from viewers:

I, too, also ponder the reasons for violence as a reaction to non-lethal occurrences.  I wonder now if there might have been someone of the Islamic religion/movement who actually financed and made this ridiculous, ameuteur movie.  The so called war on terrorism has actually seemed to be getting rid of some of the extremists and totally disrupting their activities.  With the loss of Osama bin Laden as the main intellect in al Quaida, the old men are having more difficulty recruiting young men with a keen desire to die.  They have apparently adhered to bin Laden's plan of smaller strikes....which, of course, make the headlines with much more of a bang ( no pun intended) if these acts are perpetrated against the US.  I hope the people who investigate the latest atrocity in Libya look into this same concept.  I know we will never know the real outcome because of national security, of which I am a strong proponent, but it would not be asking to much to get hints about the final findings. 


I grew up in a christian home and community and then had the proviledge of living among many cultures and reliegious faiths, perdominately Mulslem.  I KNOW that what we are seeing at this time is the actions of a FEW readical muslems that cannot be used to reflect upon the majority of Muslems in the world today who teach peace and tolerance.  No more that we can condem all christians based upon a few readicals who defame and protest the funerals of fallen soldeirs, promote hadte against those who believe differenct they they themselves believe.  I remember times when inter-racial couplse were attacked and even legally charged whit un-natural crimes.  These ignorant and hatefule people do not represent christianity any more that the mysguided radicals of the middle east who use Islam as justification for their violance.  We must not be swayed to hate and distrust of others because a a small number of radicals who lie, mislead and take advantage of critical situations.  Be Americans and do not let fear and suspician, hate and politics guide us in our response or in the way we approach others. Hold fast to the tenanst that we as Americans support the free speech and peaceful deomonstration and punish only those who we know attack us.

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