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DNC: Remarks by U.S. Rep. David Price

The following is a copy of a speech by U.S. Rep. David Price of NC, at the Democratic National Convention.

Hello. I am David Price, and I represent North Carolina's Research Triangle in Congress.

North Carolina is proof that President Obama has the right plan to invest in education, infrastructure, research, innovation and entrepreneurship, so we have an economy built to last. Already, even in the face of this rule-or-ruin opposition, President Obama reformed health care, wrote new rules for Wall Street, reformed student aid and led a recovery that has created 4.5 million private-sector jobs.

We are going to protect these achievements, and we're going to move this country in just one direction: forward. We're Democrats, and we believe in all the American people, not just the wealthy few. We believe in supporting the middle class, not selling them out. We believe in President Barack Obama!

Thank you, and let's get to work!

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