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How did accused murderer get his rifle?

Christen Naujoks Christen Naujoks
John Peck John Peck

John Peck bought a powerful weapon a few days before investigators say he shot his former girlfriend, and then killed himself. Now authorities have tracked down the man who sold the gun.

On Tuesday afternoon, one of Peck's family members gave authorities a receipt for the purchase of the SKS assault rifle they believe was used to murder Christen Naujoks and later Peck himself.

Since Peck committed suicide a week ago in the Great Smokey Mountains after a stand-off with police, officials here have been searching for the person who sold Peck the alleged murder weapon. The receipt was found in Peck's home, and reveals he bought the gun on May 14th, confirming what authorities had suspected: that Peck had been planning to murder his former girlfriend since mid-May.

Authorities say the gun seller was shocked to learn the news. The person did not have a criminal record.

Surprisingly, the Sheriff's Office says the transaction was legal because it was a private sale. They say the seller is not obligated to do a background check on people he sells to.

Also on Tuesday, the department received the rifle that John Peck shot himself with. During the next few days, they will test the firearm to see if it was in fact the same weapon that killed Christen Naujoks. They will also test the rifle to see if it was, at anytime, fully automatic, which is illegal.

Authorities expect no criminal charges to be issued against the gun's seller, and should have the ballistic results back in a few days.

Reported By Nicole Konkal

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