'We're the Millers' films carnival scene in Brunswick Co.

"We're the MIllers" filming in Brunswick Co.
"We're the MIllers" filming in Brunswick Co.

BRUNSWICK COUNTY NC (WECT) – If you've driven by Brunswick Forest lately, you may have seen a carnival in the area, complete with a Ferris wheel and other rides.

Unfortunately, the carnival is not for the public, but is being used for a scene in the new Jennifer Aniston movie We're the Millers. The carnival décor will be used throughout the next few weeks.

At least 300 extras showed up for the first day of filming on Monday, according to a spokeswoman. She also told WECT.comt that Jennifer Aniston was not on set for the first day.

No word yet on when filming will wrap in Leland, but if you're looking to get in front of the camera you still can.

Double A Casting reached out on Facebook to find extras for the scene. According to the ad, film crews started working on the scene early Monday morning.

The casting agency is still looking for extras to take part in the movie. Be sure to check out their Facebook page for more details on what types of people they are casting.

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