"Surf's Up" at aquarium this summer

School's out,  and going to the beach will only keep the kids occupied for so long.On days when the weather isn't cooperating or playing in the sand gets old, there's plenty at the aquarium at Fort Fisher that'll keep the kids busy.

"It was a little windy at the beach," said Terri Pasemann, who brought her two kids to the aquarium." "They love the fish, and they have been looking at the alligators. It's just a great time."

The aquarium offers children more than fish, turtles and alligators. There are also outdoor programs, like "Surf's Up", where children and adults can learn to ride the waves.

"At surf camp, you get the basics," said Robert Campbell, the surfing instructor. "There's a beach tutorial, we give them tips on safety and how to handle the ocean. Also, the fundamentals of surfing, so you can give it a shot, give it a go and try to ride some waves."

It's a family affair for some.

"My husband and my daughter have been surfing before, but I have never done this," said Amy Besterfeldt, who was at surf camp with her husband and daughter. "I have no coordination, so I figure this is a good time to try."

"The thrill of riding a wave, it just makes you so happy," said Amy Hernandez, Besterfeldt's daughter. "It's a fun thing to do."

Something fun to do, with or without mom and dad.

"I want to learn how to surf, so that I'll be able to come out here when it's not rough and be able to surf," said Christine Campbell, who took her second lesson on Sunday. 

Learning something new and keeping busy. Making for happy children and even happier parents.

Log onto www.ncaquariums.com for more information on "Surf's Up" and other summer programs.

Reported by Sara Straeten