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My Turn: Akin's 'legitimate rape' statement

If every politician dropped out of a race every time they said something dumb, the ballot would probably be empty come Election Day.

So just about everyone, including Representative Todd Akin, agrees Akin slipped up when he tried to claim pregnancies don't happen when a "legitimate rape" occurs.

What I don't understand is the need for all these Republicans, from Mitt Romney to Richard Burr, to tell him he should drop out of the race.

Akin won a contested primary in Missouri for the right to represent the Republican Party in this fall's election for the United States Senate.  There wasn't a stipulation in that election that would strip him of the nomination if he said something stupid. 

I thought that's what campaigns were all about…..voters listening to what the candidates have to say and then deciding who to vote for.  It's just not right for other politicians to push him out of the race.  I think that right belongs to Akin himself…. or the voters of the "Show Me State."   

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