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City leaders give traffic cams the green light

City council votes to renew contract and keep red light cameras in place. City council votes to renew contract and keep red light cameras in place.

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - City council members unanimously approved to renew the Safe Light contract which will keep red light cameras in place at 13 intersections in the city. It will cost the city around $480 thousand dollars to continue using the cameras.

Statewide, red light cameras are disappearing. The city of Cary decided to pull the plug earlier this month.

The Safe Light Program, more commonly known as red light cameras, generates hundreds of thousands of dollars for the county school system.

According to city staff members, that amount reached nearly $800 thousand dollars during the last budget year.

"There's a lot of people I notice run red lights," said Wilmington driver Daniel Sausman. "We need to slow people down."

"These cameras send a message, especially to younger kids that don't pay attention when they are driving," said driver Amy Lem. "They are too busy talking on the phone, listening to the radio and I just like them."

These cameras can be found at some of the deadliest intersections. 

  • 17th St. & Market St.
  • N. 23rd St. & Market St.
  • Market St. & Kerr Ave.
  • Market St. & New Centre Dr.
  • S. 3rd St. & Wooster St.
  • S. 3rd St. & Dawson St.
  • S. 16th St. & Wooster St.
  • S. 16th St. & Dawson St.
  • S. 17th St. & Wooster St.
  • S. 17th St. & Dawson St.
  • Wrightsville Ave. & Colonial Dr./Country Club Dr.
  • Carolina Beach Rd. & Southern Blvd.
  • S. 17th St. & College Rd.

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