Naujoks' grief shared by other victims

Holly Naujoks' grief for her stalked and murdered daughter hit home with Wilmington resident Anna Toconis. Just like Christen Naujoks, Toconis fears for her life.

"We are not being harassed by a sexual predator, but by a tenant we evicted about a year ago," Toconis admits.

Toconis, her husband Todd and their business partner Dave Nathan say they are being harassed, even after a court order was issued to the man they say is threatening them.

"We are constantly on guard," says Toconis.

Toconis say there's a bullet hole in a window at their home, and someone put up two tombstones. One is inscribed "Todd T.", the other "Dave N." As odd as it is, Anna Toconis believes it's no joke.

Prosecutor Ben David told reporters Tuesday his office took John Peck's threats seriously as well.

"Make no mistake," David said. "We knew the serious nature of his charges and the serious nature of this individual."

John Peck was even on probation for assaulting another victim.

So why wasn't he put behind bars for stalking Naujoks? It simply comes down his right to be innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

"Allegations are not enough," David says. "They have to be proven in order for the probation to be violated." He also concedes court orders do not always stop the criminals.

"A piece of paper can't stop a bullet," David warns. "People need to listen to their own voice. They can go to a domestic violence shelter or get out of town if they believe they are going to be the victim of a violent crime."

A voice Anna Toconis hopes will be heard, in her case, long before it's too late.

Reported by Nicole Konkal