'Revolution' actors talk about filming in Wilmington

Behind the scenes of 'Revolution'

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – We're getting a sneak peek behind the scenes of Revolution, a new NBC show filming in Wilmington.

Revolution explores what would happen if all technology suddenly stopped working.

It picks up 15 years after the mysterious black out.

The stars of the series have been filming for weeks in Wilmington and many said they are falling in love with the Port City.

"I love it here," said Billy Burke, one of the stars of the show. "Everyone has been nothing but super kind. This town has a great vibe. I like it here a lot actually."

Burke is well known for his performances in the Twilight series. He said he is enjoying being a part of this production.

"We are all into it," he said. "We all dig the show and the writing and we dig the people we are working with."

Anna Lise Phillips plays 'Maggie' in the show, a doctor trying to survive after the blackout.

"It's an extraordinary cast and crew," she said. "It's a family. They really are. I think that has a lot to do with Wilmington."

The Australian-born actress is a long way from home but said she is fitting right in here.

"I went to the beach this morning, Wrightsville Beach. It was a stunning morning," she said."I'm having a great time. This weather – I can't believe it snows here ever – really?"

We asked the cast members why viewers should tune in to Revolution.

"It's epic," said Phillips. "There is nothing small about it. It is big and intense and adventurous."

Burke said, "It is big bad and epic. It is a movie every week. It is about hope and family and that sprinkled with lots of action."

Revolution premieres September 17 at 10:00 right here on WECT.

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