The Naujoks family speaks out

Holly Naujoks
Holly Naujoks

Since Saturday the Naujoks family has been grieving for their daughter in Wilmington, after being forced from their Ohio home, fearing Peck may be after them.

It was a press conference held at the New Hanover County Library off of Eastwood Road on Tuesday where Christen Naujoks' parents spoke out for the first time after their daughters death.

Holly Naujoks trembled as she spoke about her daughter.

"She was a girl who loved her family and loved Wilmington," she said through tears. "She always wore a smile."

Mrs. Naujoks said Christen loved Wilmington so much that she planned to make it her home.

Her daughter became victim of a brutal murder, made clear by 911 tapes where witness cry out to authorities for help.

"Somebody's been shot, we need an ambulance" one caller told 911 Dispatch. "Is it bad?" asked the dispatcher. "She's shot, she's shot in the face!" the called said.

Authorities say Peck called his father admitting to the murder, something he later denied to a 911 dispatcher.

The dispatcher asked Peck if he had admitted to killing Naujoks on the phone. Peck denied any knowledge, then hung up. The dispatcher tried to call Peck several times after the hang-up, but Peck never answered.

Towards the end of the press conference, Naujoks' mother begins to break down.

"Wilmington holds a special place in our hearts," she said, fighting back tears. "We had wonderful times here with our daughter."

A memorial service for Christen will be held on Thursday, and her parents will go back to Ohio to bury their only daughter.

Reported By Nicole Konkal