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My Turn: Team USA stands out in the Olympics

I'm feeling a little patriotic this week.  A successful Olympics has that kind of effect on me, and maybe you're feeling the same.

There's always something special in that two week period. Ordinary people with extraordinary talents get an opportunity to expose to the world feats that normally don't get much interest.  And the stories…we always learn interesting things about the athletes that touch our hearts.

I'm in awe of someone like Michael Phelps for his natural ability in the water.  And I also admire his work ethic to be a consistent gold medal winner three Olympics in a row.

I'm inspired by the youthful energy of the "Fierce Five" women's gymnastics team – especially the humble and poised attitude of individual gold medal champ Gabby Douglas.

And I love a happy ending.  That's what happened for Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh-Jennings in their last Olympics together on the beach volleyball court.

There are countless success stories - enough to make any casual observer swell with pride.  But the thing for me is the Olympic dream can mean different things to different people, and the whole world gets to be involved…..including you and me.

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Emailed comments from viewers:

I couldn't agree with you more regarding your anticipation and views of the olympics.  These young people are such great role models for all youth.........especially young girls who never felt this presence before.

I was waiting each round to see the outcomes of the next.........even rearranging my social calendar to view certain events.

HOWEVER, NBC's coverage of these events was horrible!!! Making us wait till the evenings to see much anticipated outcomes and showing events no one cared about.....especially those of other countries.........

They should have been a bit more concerned about losing the viewing audience ( and I know thye had a great following) but with the internet and social was too easy to watch  the games live. I spent most of my time watching live coverage, and I will admit I watched some of the evening events when there was nothing else on. Shame on NBC............with 3 channels coverage, one could have shown  those that were most anticipated.

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