Naujoks' cries for help

John Peck, wanted for murdering Christen Naujoks
John Peck, wanted for murdering Christen Naujoks
Christen Naujoks
Christen Naujoks

There were many cries for help leading up to Christen Naujoks' tragic murder: one from her mother to the Wilmington Star News, another from Naujoks herself.

John Peck's neighbor is now living in fear of a man she now realizes she never really knew.

"I didn't expect this from John, he was a great neighbor," The neighbor, who wishes to remain unidentified, said. "I saw him and his girlfriend sometimes, they were quiet, and they used to do some planting outside together."

The neighbor says she had no idea that back in April Christen Naujoks took out a restraining order against Peck.

"He is crazy," Naujoks said in the restraining order. "He will do anything to get away from police." She also revealed in her request for the restraining order a graphic, offensive message he left on her answering machine -- one of 17 on that day.

"You f***ing b****! You're mine. You're mom's a b**** and needs to go back to Ohio so that we can get on with our lives. Her parents should have beaten her more as a child,"  Peck said in the tirade filled message.

Back in 2001, Peck was accused of rape by another former girlfriend. He later pleaded guilty to assault on a female, and two other sexual offenses.

Just over a week ago, an article in the Wilmington Star News revealed Peck's criminal past after Naujoks' mother called the paper to inform them of her daughter's situation.

Executive Editor Allen Parsons says that Naujoks mother called him to see if a story on stalking might shed some light on her daughter's situation, and what girls should do to get help. But later, Naujoks' mother asked for her daughter's name not to be used in the Star-News article.

She was afraid for her daughter's safety.

"We agonized over the decision to move forward with the story, " Parsons said.

When asked if he would make the same decision if he had the chance to do it again he said, "I don't know."

The Star-News has tried several times to contact the Naujoks family, but has yet to reach them.

Reported By Nicole Konkal