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Your Turn: The Department of Defense's preventative rules

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By Fred Johnson

My name is Fred Johnson, and I come to you today as an 80-year-old Army veteran that served in the Korean War…or what some call The Forgotten War. But that's not what I want to talk about.

My "beef" is with the Department of Defense's rules that prevent me and my fellow veterans from shopping at the base commissaries, even on a limited basis. There's something terribly wrong when the base PX is determined off-limits to all veterans unless they are retired military, 100 percent disabled or were awarded a Medal of Honor.

We served our country with pride and our World War II comrades are dying every day. It only seems right that our government show us a little appreciation by allowing us to shop in the PX.

It's ironic that the Korean Government is thanking us by making it possible for American Korean War Veterans to return for a visit. They are paying half of our airfare, plus providing food and lodging for five days.

You would think our own government could do better. Is it too much to ask that they honor the good men and women who served this country by simply giving them the privilege shop at a base commissary?

I've asked our congressman, Mike McIntyre, to help us with this issue. Please contact his office and show your support.

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