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Wrong bus ride traumatic for little girl

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Robert McIntosh, Miller Co. Superintendent of Schools Robert McIntosh, Miller Co. Superintendent of Schools

The first week of school is supposed to be fun and exciting but for one little girl in Miller County it was terrifying.

Four-year-old Trinity Sanders was let off the school bus at the wrong place Wednesday afternoon. She was dropped off at her empty home with no supervision.

Trinity Sanders was dropped off at her house, even though her parents say she was supposed to be left at her grandmother's home.

She was left outside her home alone for 30 minutes, before her mother realized where she was. Now her parents are questioning how such a dangerous mistake could have been made. @

Pamela Sanders is relieved to have her daughter back in her arms. "I was scared to death that she could have been hit by a car, living on the main highway"

Wednesday was Trinity Sanders' first day riding the bus to school. In the morning, she takes a bus to school, but she is supposed to take a different bus to her grandmother's house after school.

However, school officials put her on the bus that takes her home, which was empty at the time.

"I found her here at the back door, screaming and hollering, and crying, and she had pottied on herself," says Sanders.

"I needed to go potty but I couldn't get inside and potty," says Trinity Sanders.

Trinity had been waiting on the back porch for 30 minutes wondering where her parents were and why she was locked out of her house.

"Mommy, I didn't know where you were, and then a few minutes later she said I don't want to go to school anymore," says Sanders.

Now the Sanders family is wondering how such a dangerous mix up could have been made.

"To get their policy and communication straight, between the teachers, the bus drivers, the bus directors, and the principal, all of them," says Sanders.

The Miller County Superintendent of schools says a paperwork mix up caused the confusion.

"I am meeting with five different people within our schools system, to get all the facts in the situation and look at our policies and procedures to ensure that something like this doesn't happen again," says Robert McIntosh, Miller County Superintendent of Schools.

For now, the Sanders will be foregoing the bus and driving Trinity to and from Pre-K.  

The superintendent says if the Sanders family plans to put their kids back on the bus, he will personally make sure the bus schedule is fixed.

As a reminder, parents should make sure to check with the school and the bus director to see if both have the same information and all of their contact numbers.


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