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Former RC Soles client jumps out of courthouse window

The window that Wright reportedly jumped out of. The window that Wright reportedly jumped out of.
BJ Wright (Source: Columbus County Sheriff's Office) BJ Wright (Source: Columbus County Sheriff's Office)

COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WECT) – A Columbus County man known for making headlines is back in the spotlight again -- according to prosecutors and witnesses, BJ Wright jumped through a second-story window at the Columbus County courthouse Thursday.

Prosecutors say BJ Wright was in court Thursday for a case management session. It was his final review before his trial starts on August 20, when he will go before a judge and a jury for habitual felon charges which stem over a course of two years.

Prosecutors say an instant dip stick drug test was used to test Wright. After giving a urine sample in a container, Wright dropped the container while handing it to a probation officer.

But despite the container falling, prosecutors say there was still enough urine to test do a drug test, and it was discovered that Wright tested positive for marijuana, cocaine, and opiates.

After taking the test, Wright requested to speak privately with his attorney Scott Dorman.

Deputies say that's when Wright, who was wearing handcuffs, kicked out a window and jumped through it. 

Wright sustained cuts and bruises, and his injuries are said to be non-life threatening.

Wright is expected to be charged with damaging county property and will face an escape charge as well.

A judge has revoked Wright's bond, and he will remain in jail until at least his upcoming trial is over.

Major Lewis Hatcher with the sheriff's says due to certain laws, when a client requests a private meeting with their attorney, a bailiff can't be in the room.

However, a bailiff was reportedly outside the door Thursday.

Hatcher says they are looking at making some simple changes that will possibly prevent this from happening in the future. He also said that there will be extra deputies in court when Wright's trial starts.

In 2011, Wright was arrested for damaging attorney RC Soles' property.

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