Talks on smoking ban still burning

CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WECT) – It appears that a proposed smoking ban is Carolina Beach has not been snuffed out just yet.

Despite back-and-forth talks of whether the ban would be up for discussion, WECT has learned that it is still on the agenda for next week's town council meeting. Citizens will also have a chance to discuss their opinions on the proposed smoking ban.

The town attorney, who said town council does not have the authority to limit smoking on the beach, will present his case at the meeting.

Councilman Bob Lewis said the town attorney cited a statute from 1998. Lewis says the statute basically limits what ordinances towns can enact in the beach areas if they participate in beach nourishment. The attorney will advise council to take no action on a proposed smoking ban.

It is not known whether council members will vote on the ban or not. Officials say it depends on whether leaders feel they can put an ordinance into place.

In July, council started considering a ban on parts of the beach. No beach community currently bans smoking on the beach in North Carolina.

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