Money in a Minute: The cheapest place to buy diapers typically shocks people

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – You might be surprised where you can find the cheapest price on diapers.

If you want to need to buy diapers and are sticking with the disposable ones, then the best place to save is actually a pharmacy.  Jenny Martin with says you can't beat drug stores when it comes to diapers and formula if you're using coupons.

"This is another one that shocks a lot of people," said Martin.  "I actually want to buy most of my diaper deals and formula deals in a drugstore.  And a lot of folks don't think, you know, that a drugstore is the place to go, but the best deal hands down is always in a drug store."

Martin said that's not the case with baby food.  She says the best deals for baby food is often the grocery store.

Martin also says she typically spends a little more than $3 for a pack of diapers.

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