Cold Case Files: Geremew Zeleke

An unsolved murder three years ago shattered a marriage that had just begun. We are starting a new series here at News 6. Every month we will profile a ‘Cold Case’ --- a case that has left crime scene investigators in the dark and family members longing for justice for their loved one.

Just four days after her wedding, Natalka Zeleke was left with only memories of her husband, Geremew Zeleke.

“It was shocking, I just couldn’t believe it, “ Natalka remembers.

Geremew owned Brooklyn Convenient Mart on North 4th Street, where he was gunned down during an armed robbery. The mart is now empty and deserted. It’s been three years since that tragic night and for three years police haven’t received a single lead in this case.

Geremew also left behind a daughter who only knew her father for the first year of her life.

“She knows her daddy is in heaven,” Natalka says.

Natalka now admits it’s time for both of them to move and make a new start. “I have shut myself in my house for three years now and it’s time to get back into society. We have to get out of here (Wilmington) because it is just too hard.”

Leaving Wilmington to escape the memories of a life, a marriage, and fatherhood cut too short.

If you have any information pertaining to the unsolved murder of Geremew Zeleke, please contact the Wilmington Police Department. If you know of another cold case that you would like to to see revisited, please use the form below.