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Your Turn: Viewers respond to gun control in connection to the Aurora shooting

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Some issues seem to get people fired up, and I hit on one of those last week with my comments on gun control in the wake of the theater shootings in Aurora, Colorado.  I had quite a few people agree with me, even to the point of saying, "Amen."  But the following people did not.

Steve said:  "When you simplified the Colorado shootings down to using gasoline as an analogy, ignoring the use of assault weapons, you insult the intelligence of the community. It's not only ignorant, it's dangerous."

Meban wrote:  "Your opinion asks Americans to stick their heads deeper in the sand and ignore the obvious - that these heinous crimes are committed WITH GUNS.  There IS a connection, whether you like it or not, with the increase in the tragic crimes such as this latest one in Aurora and the ease at which people in America can purchase weapons."

Johanna wrote:  "Your analogy in comparing gun control, not gun abolition, with gasoline controls is accurate.  There are controls on both guns and gasoline. What needs to be addressed is a curb on automatic guns and keeping track of large sales of ammunition. You do know I cannot buy large supplies of some over-the-counter drugs at CVS." 

And just to show you I'm not all the way in the NRA's camp on this one, I think Johanna makes a very good point.   

That's your turn.  Please keep sharing your thoughts and opinions by emailing me at


Emailed comments from viewers:

Your wrong. It aint the guns that kill people. Its the people standing behind the gun that pulls the trigger that kills. If someone had a gun at that theater shooting the guy with the funny lookin hair wouldnt have shot all them people.  The government needs to get his head out his butox and quit worring bout gun laws and start being stricter on the crimanals. I think the rest of the people would get the point. But no, they go to prison and get treated like they aint done nothin and most dont serve many years. Then when they get out they do it all over again. So thats my opinion. 


I listened with interest to the responders concerning gun control shown tonight on the 6 o'clock news.  One of your responders said that automatic weapons should be outlawed.  They are, no one in this country can own a fully automatic weapon without a class III federal license.  They can however own a semi-automatic weapon by simply passing an FBI background check.

I am a retired banker turned gunsmith and I agree with the ban on assault weapons as defined by me, however if one takes the time to read the proposed bill which has been in congress for some time, it is worded in  a manner that would also ban a simple semi-automatic .22 rifle.  I guess we need to do like Nancy Pelosi said and pass the bill so that we can read it and see what is in it.  As you know this is the comment that she made about the health care bill. 


So maybe if we outlaw cars we can prevent people from getting behind the wheel of a car while drunk.  The guy was crazy and would find a way to kill with any means he had.  Wish someone in the theater would have had a gun and dropped him.  Now we'll spend thousands housing him in a cell.


Guns do nothing without people. Drugs are illegal and banned. There is no control on drugs. If you ban guns then  they will a black market item. Why don't you enforce the law that we have. No one will take my guns . He who kills , just to kill, should be killed. They should not waste my tax money on them.

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