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Your Turn: USA Olympic uniforms made in China

By: Bob Maffitt

I agree with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid about being angry and upset about the Team USA Olympic uniforms being made in China.  I think most of us were embarrassed by that news. 

But if blame is to be made, it is not with the United States Olympic Committee.  Put the blame where it belongs…on the folks that have been running this country.  And that includes the Senate where Harry Reid now serves. 

Why do I say that?  By passing bad legislation and making deals, they have paved the way to make it almost impossible for United States' companies and workers to compete with countries like China.  Senator Reid might also want to look at the military and find out what they've been purchasing from China.    

Our leaders have continued to make deals with China, the same country that will not pay us for all we did for them in World War II, yet claims we owe them trillions.  They steal our top secrets and design projects…all in the interest of growing bigger and owning more of the United States.  And we treat them like our best friends and spend taxpayer money to wine and dine them when they come here.

They are the country that took American jobs.  And we continue to give them work while Americans go broke and hungry. 

So let's all be mad….just like Senator Reid.  Because our leaders in Washington sold us to China and we can't break their grip on us.


Emailed comments from viewers:

I just saw on the news your guest for My Turn Your Turn, talking about the US Olympic Team uniforms being manufactured in China.  A recent graduate from NC State University, College of Textiles is on the Ralph Loren design team for these uniforms.  My husband had heard on the news last week about the uniforms being made in China, this is not true.  We were just at NC State on Tuesday for our daughter's orientation for the College of Textiles, and tracted down one of the advisors in reference to this subject.  The uniforms were originally going to be manufactured in China, but a couple of US businesses stepped up and said they would take over this job at the same price.  I hope this is aired or, at least, looked into so the US people know their team's uniforms were made right in their home country.

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