School Board questions need for additional administrator

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WECT) - New Hanover County School Administrators asked the school board to add a new administrative position at this month's school board meeting. A detailed job and salary description were not given, but Superintendent Tim Markley indicated the person would handle parent and employee relations for the schools.

At least one school board member thinks adding any new administrative positions under the current budgetary restraints is a bad idea. "Here we are - rather than supporting our teachers in the classroom and supporting our students, with dollars for instruction, people were talking about creating another administrative position," said school board member Dr. Derrick Hickey.

Moreover, Hickey thought that current administrators and staff were capable of addressing concerns from parents or school employees. He thought adding an additional position would just add a layer of bureaucracy, and a recurring salary the schools would have to pay for.

The school board declined to vote on the position at their meeting, and school administrators now tell us they no are no longer requesting an additional administrative position.

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