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My Turn: Should the Penn State football program suffer?

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The debate continues about what to do with Penn State football.  Should the football program suffer for what happened for the poor decisions made by an administration that allowed innocent young boys to be put at risk by a now convicted pedophile?

There are no easy answers.  But I see this playing out in one of three ways.

The university could shut down the football program and that would probably put an end to most of the debate.

The NCAA could issue its penalties or sanctions, up to and including what most refer to as the death penalty…in other words, ending football at Penn State for the foreseeable future.  This is uncharted territory for those guys.  This situation isn't in their rule book.  They've been used to handling cheating scandals and recruiting violations.  This just might be above their pay grade. 

But here is a third alternative.  Do nothing.  That's right; do nothing….because the worst kinds of consequences for Penn State are already in place.  The mere mention of that school's name will coincide with thoughts of the Jerry Sandusky scandal and that once proud university will forever be tarnished and exist in shame by what happened there.   

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Emailed comments from viewers:

I feel that Penn State should be allowed to play football. Why should these young men and the NEW coaching staff suffer for what others have done. They have not done this. I believe Penn State is already suffering for what Sandusky has done. Let them PLAY!!!!


NO.... absolutely not.  Why should innocent bystanders suffer because of a few morons.  Punish the guilty and let the program try to rebuild.


The boys that want to play football should have to pay for administrations failures and bad decisions. Make the ones responsible pay the price, not the young kids that just want to play football. This is the time to turn it around and make the name strong again. 

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