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Your Turn: Playing by the rules

Your Turn By: Ben McCoy, petition co-organizer

WECT General Manager Gary McNair claims that we weren't ready for prime time, haven't played by the rules, and even calls into question our leadership and credibility. The city charter, which McNair hadn't read, calls for AN affidavit, meaning one - not hundreds, as the city claims, by each and every person that collected signatures. 

The charter is open to interpretation.  In our minds, the best affidavit we could hope for is the certification of the Board of Elections, which we obtained.  However, city council members are determined to ignore the will of those they are sworn to serve, and pursue their own agenda, claiming our petition is invalid based on their own creative interpretation. 

Now, the City Clerk claims that if only we had reached out to her, she would have helped. This is patently false.  She was one of the first people we contacted for help, and we were told to talk to the City Attorney, who replied that he works for Council - not us.

The thousands of people who signed our petition will not be ignored.  When we see how the city council has obstinately ignored the will of the people and reinterpreted the law to suit their own ends, it is clear whose leadership should really be questioned.

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