Money in a Minute: Find out the cheapest place to buy spices

Money in a Minute: Find out the cheapest place to buy spices

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – Step out of the box when it comes to getting produce or spices.  There are a lot of specialty stores that will sell it dirt cheap, just to meet their customers' needs.

We've told you before that going to a farmers market is a great way to save money on fruits and veggies, but here's another idea.  Check out the specialty stores, like a neighborhood Asian market.  Typically you can find a lot of great produce for cheap.  Asian cultures tend to use a lot of vegetables in everyday cooking, so you can typically buy spinach, cabbage, garlic and much more for much less than you'd pay normally.

We found an entire bag of cumin for less than $2.  You can't buy it in the grocery store that cheap.  We also found fresh basil for only 99-cents.

For example, we found a .50 oz. bag of bay leaves for 99-cents at Saigon Market in Wilmington, NC.  When we went to a traditional grocery store, we found a .12 oz. bottle of bay leaves for $3.49.  If you do the math, it seems that you pay 3-times as much for about a fifth of the size.  And, if you really think about it, you're paying more than $50 an ounce for bay leaves at a traditional grocery store.  We just don't notice it because we're only buying a fraction at a time.

Sometimes finding an unlikely place will save you lots of money.

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