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Your Turn: Working as a community for a healthy lifestyle

By Kristin Holoman

North Carolina Cooperative Extension is your local link to the research of North Carolina State University and North Carolina A&T University.  Extension has deep roots in the farming communities of our state and residents near Wilmington may know Extension as the place to get home gardening information at The Arboretum.  But, did you know that Cooperative Extension is also a great source for health and nutrition information?

According to a recent community health assessment, residents of the Cape Fear region are concerned about obesity and chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease. The same study showed that people want to work together for a healthier community – especially when it comes to making healthy choices.

So, how can you build a healthier community? The answer is simple. Take Action. Start by being a role model in your home. Make healthy eating and physical activity a priority. Discover programs that are available in your community through the health department, department of social services, hospitals and non-profit organizations. For kids, choose summer camps that focus on smart food choices and physical activity, such as Extension's 4-H Mission Nutrition.

Most programs we offer are free of charge and can teach you how to stretch your hard-earned food dollars.

Building a healthy community starts at home.  For tips on how to get started, contact your local NC Cooperative Extension office.

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