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My Turn: Don't take freedom for granted

(WECT) - This week we celebrate the signing of our Declaration of Independence.  We celebrate all the good things about America.  We celebrate freedom and the right to pursue happiness.  

That notion still remains unimaginable to many people in other nations.  Sadly, many of us take it for granted or we're willing to give it up a little bit at a time.

I'm concerned, that even as we celebrate our freedoms, there are some who are okay with giving up little pieces of it by looking to government to take care of them or make decisions we should be making for ourselves. 

It ranges from wanting goods and services without working for them, to being forced to buy health insurance or being prevented from purchasing a large soda pop.  Bit by bit, we give back many of the freedoms our founding fathers intended for us to have.

I'm also concerned that our religious freedoms are at risk from those who would like to take something so fundamental to our forefathers and completely remove it from public domain. 

Abraham Lincoln said it best:  "America will never be destroyed from the outside.  If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed it ourselves."

As we celebrate Independence Day, let us learn from the past…that freedom is at the very core of every successful nation.  And we can't afford to give any of it away.

That's my turn.  Now it's your turn.  To comment on this segment, or anything else, email me at



Emailed comments from viewers:

Man that was spot on.Its refreshing to see someone in the MSM have this perspective.Way to go....happy Fourth!!!!!!!! 


Hi just heard your comments. Although well spoken, as always, I was concerned about your religious freedom comments. There was the insinuation that the only danger is removing religion from our American life. My concern as a devout moderate Christian, is that MY religious freedom seems in danger by right wing, extremist fundamentalist Christians who would happily force their beliefs on me, as well as on Jews, and any other person of faith. Thank  you for listening.


Really appreciated your commentary on 4th of July. It is so refreshing to hear someone from the media speak "common sense". Please continue. We need to reach our young people, especially.  Thanks and Happy 4th !!!.


Your editorial on today's noon news was completely contradictory, because you either haven't thought through or don't understand the health insurance mandate.

If people who can afford health insurance do not voluntarily buy it, they still go to hospitals and other health care providers when they need care. Who do you think pays for that? Either the government or taxpayers who do carry their own health insurance. Neglecting or refusing to buy health insurance is just another case of expecting something for nothing, which you claim to be opposed to.

The uninsured also fail to get the preventive care and education the rest of us use to keep ourselves as well as possible. Thus, they wind up obese, chronically ill, and unable to work--more public dole necessary.

The health insurance mandate will protect us from those particular freeloaders. If they won't take any responsibility for their own health, somebody needs to do it for them--from health insurance to giant sodas and--yeah--maybe to forcing them to buy healthful food like broccoli with their food stamps.

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