Sanah's Savings: Get paid for buying Bayer Aspirin at Walgreens

WILMINGTON, NC (WSFX) – Rite Aid, Walgreens and Target all have items that cost less than .20-cents this week.  We found one deal and even made more than $7!

Sanah Sayani is a new addition to our couponing beat.  She found several great deals this week:

Rite Aid – There are a few deals that will make you money this week.  Fuji waterproof one-time use cameras are on sale for 7.99.  Once you buy it, you'll get a $3 +Up Reward for the weekly deal and a $5.00 +Up Reward for the monthly.

So, basically, you'll pay $7.99 up front and then get $8 back in store credit.

With that money, we bought an arm sling that was normally 12.99 but on sale for 9.74.

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Target – There are a couple of great deals when you combine coupons with regular Sunday  coupons.

Planters Honey Roasted Peanuts Bag, 6 oz.  1.69 reg, paid .19-cents.  We had a coupon from the 6/24 Smart Source insert that gave us $1 off 1 Planters Product.  We also used a coupon that gave us $1 off 2 Planters snack items.  [1.69 + 1.69 = 3.38 – 1.00 – 1.00 = 1.38 – 1.00 = .38 / 2 = .19-cents]

Heinz Apple Vinegar, price 1.07.  Paid .07-cents.  We had a coupon from the Sunday paper for $1 off 1.  1.07- 1.00 = .07-cents] **SS 6/24 (exp 8/31)**


Walgreens – You get paid to buy Bayer this week if you have the right number of manufacturer coupons from the Sunday paper.  But, even if you don't, it's still cheap.

Bayer aspirin is priced at 3.19.  There's a coupon for $3 off from last Sunday's paper. **SS 6/24 (exp 8/18)**

Now… top that off with another deal, and you'll actually get paid for buying Bayer.  Bayer is part of a Buy $20, Get $10 in Register Rewards deal.  So, if you buy 7 boxes of Bayer (For us, we paid 2.89 for the product and taxes), you'll actually make money!  [10.00 – 2.89 = + 7.11]

These deals are shared with the best intentions, so if you have a better deal or notice an error, let us know!

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