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MTYT: Perdue plans to rob Peter to pay Paul

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NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WECT) – It appears our state legislature has taken the position if you can't beat 'em  -- join 'em.  Or maybe it's if you can't beat 'em  -- tax 'em.

The state tried to stop those pesky sweepstakes parlors from operating in the Tar Heel State. But after a judge tossed that legislation out, what could be better for cash-strapped North Carolina to do than tax them into oblivion?

Anyone who follows this segment knows I've spoken against these gambling joints. But it appears our state couldn't resist.

Let me point out an interesting thing going on here. If Governor Perdue's plan to tax the sweepstakes goes anywhere, it will come at the expense of our municipalities. The General Assembly is becoming pretty good at being the bully to our struggling cities.

Perdue's plan robs Peter to pay Paul. The goal is to cap how much municipalities can tax these machines and then give the rest of that money to the county and state. So if the state successfully bullies the cities and takes away their fair cut, where are the cities going to turn to make up for that lost money? 

I think you probably already know that answer… and me….the taxpayers.

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