Suspect in deliveryman's death spent time behind bars before; door off hinges; carjacking

We're learning more about a group of suspects charged in the slaying of a food deliveryman who was shot, including past run-ins with the law. An assistant district attorney also revealed that officials now know the specific roles that two of the suspects allegedly played in the death.

Why would someone knock a front door off of its hinges, then run? One homeowner and local police are asking themselves that same question.

It looks like law enforcement officers have been pretty busy recently! An off-duty sergeant is credited with discovering a theft-in-process, and a woman was arrested after she crashed a vehicle into a house, then took off. Two teenagers were charged after police say they confessed to stealing a woman's purse.

Talk about courage -- an 87-year-old man, his son and their neighbor helped hold two car-jacking suspects in place until police arrived.

Hope you'll tune in tonight starting at 5:00. We'll have more on how Walmart is making amends after upsetting one particular group; the latest on the investigation into some fired cops from Leland; some new filming projects coming to town and much more.

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-Frances Weller