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My Turn: Have you had enough of Brian Berger?

Does anyone else think we've had about enough of Brian Berger?  The show he put on Monday at the New Hanover County Commissioners' meeting was unprofessional and embarrassing.

Commissioners had to vote in a new travel policy requiring elected officials who book hotel rooms and don't use them to reimburse the county.  Call it the Brian Berger rule. Commissioner Berger inspired the discussion because he's done just that.

On Monday, Berger chose not to argue the merits of the rule.  He instead tried to divert the discussion by making baseless claims against his fellow commissioners.  I got the impression he was just trying to needle someone into blowing their stack.  And it worked to some extent.  He got Chairman Ted Davis fired up a little and Davis had to tell Berger on several occasions to stop talking after Berger kept calling him dishonest.

Well, I don't blame Chairman Davis for being frustrated.  Even with the knowledge that a discussion of Berger's absences and tardiness were due to be discussed on Monday, Berger showed up 20 minutes late and provided even more evidence that he doesn't get it or he doesn't care.  Either way, I think we've had about enough.

That's my turn.  Now it's your turn. To comment on this segment, or anything else, email me at

Emailed comments from viewers:

Kick him out. He just doesn't get it.


Berger is right and the others are just as shady . It just hasn't come out yet. They all are crooks whether you believe it or not.


He acts like a defiant child ... the next time he is late LOCK THE DOORS!  PUT A SIGN ON THE DOOR - MEETING IN PROGRESS!  He will have to wait outside, let the cameras stay outside with him!!  The only reason he does it is to get attention. 


I have emailed berger multiple times in the past few months asking him to resign because the people of NHC are sick of him making a mockery of our county.  he obviously doesn't care about his community when he won't listen to us.


Brian Berger's actions overshadow his words.  Both his rude habits of chronic lateness and no shows plus his failure to be a good steward of taxpayer money are inexcusable in his position of trust.  In any other business he would have been fired long ago!




Hi again!  I've posted several ways to be sure my disgust of Mr. Berger got to & thru to you. Fed up is an understatement. He's immature & inept for the position he holds. Anyone else who acts like a brat would have been fired way before now. Too much has gone on & nothing gets changed. He doesn't like something & he throws a fit, like a 2 yr. old. Any parent in their right mind would correct the 2 yr. old. It's time to correct Mr. Berger. He obviously doesn't understand how to do his job & deal with the various situations that arise especially if it pertains to him. Being loud & disuptive is a clear sign of his immature nature.  He needs a good spanking & some time in the corner if we stoop to his level.  NO MORE BRIAN BERGER PLEASE!  Save us from any more childish tantrums. Thank you Mr. McNair.


Yes, throw him out! Fire him, vote him out whatever, do it & soon. He displays the mental attitude of a child when's he throws his tantrums during mtgs. He clearly is incapable of handling his job & those he works with & for. I've been fed up for months. I don't know how to get rid of him but somebody should. Enough is enough! He's unfit for the position he holds. He'd been fired anywhere else long before now. He's immature, uneducated, & reacts like a brat!  NO MORE BRIAN BURGER!!!!!!!


I agree with the comment to lock him out of meetings when he is late. He adds nothing by being on the board.


How in the world did the citizens of New Hanover county ever elect a buffoon to county commisioner? 


The fact that Mr. Berger was even elected by New Hanover County citizens is the result of people voting a straight political ticket


The continued performance of Mr. Berger, as a County Commissionaire, is an embarrassment to New Hanover County and he should leave. However, when I hear his name broadcast on WECT-TV I usually stop what I'm doing and "listen-up" ...  as I know Commissionaire Berger going to provide me with great entertainment. Some of his theatrics, along with a background summary, could be sent to late night TV and allow the rest of the country to enjoy his antics. It's time for this Commissionaire to move on to his next career ... Comedy Central.


Unless there is a formal process in place to remove a commissioner, I say that we allow Mr. Berger to serve out his term.  Do I think that Mr. Berger is fit to serve?  No I don't.  But - like every other voter in the county - I had my chance to make my voice heard.  Unfortunately, the majority spoke and now you get what you voted for.  If Mr. Berger is not who you want representing your interests, vote him out of office when his term is completed.  As an added bonus of letting him finish his term, Mr. Berger - through his actions and comments - will continue to do more to discredit the Tea Party than any liberal (like me) could ever do.  


Brian Berger is just an embarrasment to the community.  He needs to be taken of the board and put in a circus.


When does he go? Saw him at Dunkin Donuts buying a ton of stuff when one of the meetings was going on that he missed.

This guy is a disgrace to all residents of Wilmington. Why is he still on the board? Who voted for him??????????????????????????????

He is embarrassing all of us.



10.  He makes the city council smell like a bed of roses.

 9.   Leaving would reduce access to public questioning and I like my Berger grilled.   

 8.   If he ever becomes chairman, we get to call him the Berger Meister.

 7.   Do you really want supporters chanting "Where's the beef?!"

 6.   None of the other commissioners has seen the inside of the county jail.

 5.   Such a position requires super powers and he can rip a door handle of a car with his bare hands.

 4.   He obviously knows what it's like to be unemployed.

 3.   Crazy people need representing too.

 2.   Every court needs a jester.

 1.   Entertainment value.  Not since Katherine Moore has local politics been so fun! 

-Craig Thomas
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