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GOP to target Rep. McIntyre in fall ad campaign

WASHINGTON, DC (WECT) – An online report says Republicans in the US House of Representatives, the National Republican Congressional Committee, plans to spend more than $800,000 to target Congressman Mike McIntyre in his bid for re-election.

Roll Call reports the NRCC's independent expenditure arm has reserved more than $18 million in television advertising time after Labor Day to spread across 27 Congressional district elections. According to an online report, "the reservation is split between Democratic- and Republican-held seats — an early signal that the committee plans to go on the offensive and is not content to simply defend the GOP's 25-seat majority."

Among those targeted district races, the NRCC confirms its' IE has reserved $293,000 in the Wilmington market, and $564,000 in the Raleigh market, to run television ads against Rep. McIntyre. The incumbent Democrat is running for re-election against state Sen. David Rouzer, R-Johnston, who won the Republican primary election.

According to Roll Call, the move marks the NRCC's first foray into the fall advertisement air war. Committees can, and often do, pull out of media markets and enter new ones as races change.

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