Michelle's Markdowns: Revlon makeup super cheap at CVS

WILMINGTON, NC (WSFX) – It's a good time to continue to stock up on summer grilling items. And, if you stop at CVS, you could get some pretty decent cosmetic deals, including Revlon makeup.


I love CVS because you get so much store credit.  And, really, you can make your own deals depending on how many ECBS (extra care bucks) you get back and keep for another purchase.  ECBs are basically store credit that gets printed on your receipt after you make qualifying purchases.  They really come in handy.

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This week at CVS, there's a great deal that gives you $4 extra bucks when you spend $10 on any Revlon cosmetics or beauty tools.  Already, you can see that you're going to save 40-percent if you just buy $10.

But… one of the best secrets about CVS is the coupon machine.  It also doubles as a price scanner.  When you walk into CVS, you'll see the big, red machine.  Scan your card under it.  A few coupons will print, and you can likely scan your card twice.

I scanned it and got a $4 off coupon for any $12 purchase of any cosmetics.  This is on top of the Revlon deal.  So, I bought two Revlon eye pencils at $7.39 each.  Then, I gave the clerk my $4 off coupon.  [7.39 + 7.39 -4.00 = 10.78.]  I also had $5 in ECBs from a previous purchase.  So, now we're down to $5.78.  I paid that price, but then I got $4 in more ECBs.  So, if you're still with me, I basically got two eyeliners for .89-cents each without tax.

If I hadn't had the ECBs from a previous purchase, I would have saved $8 on my purchase!

There is another great deal on Speed Stick at CVS this week.  The Speed Stick deodorant costs $2.99 but then you get back $2 in ECBs.  I also had a coupon for $1 off.  That coupon came from the Smart Source insert on 5/20.  So, basically, you're getting FREE deodorant.

Other great deals this week at Harris Teeter include:

Alpo dog food, reg.. 89-cents.  On sale .75-cents.  We had a coupon for $2 off 8.  [.75*8=6.00-2.00=4.00/8=.50-cents]

Chi Chi Salsa, reg. 2.99.  On sale, 1.50.  We had a coupon for .50-cents off that doubled.  [1.50-.50-.50=.50-cents]

Meow Mix, reg. 79-cents.   On sale, .60-cents.  We had two coupons for $1 off 6.  [.60*12=7.20-1.00-1.00=5.20/12=.43-cents]

Don't forget – Harris Teeter will double coupons up to .99-cents, everyday.  The stores will typically double up to 20 coupons a day.

CVS deals end on Saturday nights.

**These deals are shared with the best intentions, so if you notice an error, please tell us.  Also, if you have a great deal to share, pass it along to us!  We'll give you credit when we spread the word.  And remember, please shop ethically.  Don't dumpster dive, don't copy coupons and don't clear shelves.  If you play fair, then everyone wins.

Special thanks to all of our smart shoppers out there!

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