Bond for Zimmerman revoked; suspect tries to hide heroin by eating it; love triangle murder-suicide

The $150,000 bond set for the neighborhood watch volunteer charged with killing Trayvon Martin, 17, was revoked today.

Police are investigating a murder-suicide that happened late last night. Apparently, it was the result of a lover's triangle.

Law enforcement officials have been hard at work! Police recently arrested a suspect with outstanding warrants outside of an apartment. When they went inside, they found a woman who tried to hide heroin by eating it. Also, a 17-year-old has been charged following a home break-in, and two suspects have been charged in connection to break-ins at a golf course. Keep in mind, you can stay up-to-date on all the latest crime news by checking out WECT's Law Connect page.

A movie based on the Nicholas Sparks book Safe Haven will be filming in the area soon. Now, the two lead roles have been finalized: the film will star an actor from Transformers and a two-time Dancing with the Stars winner.

It's officially hurricane season, and you might wonder how to keep your home safe should one hit us this year. Tonight, WECT's Nadine Maeser will give you the best tips on how to stay prepared.

If you're a big baseball fan, check out some of these pictures from the UNCW Seahawks playing in the NCAA regional against Vanderbilt University.

Make sure to tune in tonight starting at 5:00! We'll have more on how one local dentistry gave 100 people a good reason to smile today; why a Good Samaritan trying to help a panhandler ended up in trouble with the law; why now is good time to apply if you've ever considered a career in law enforcement and much more.

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-Ashlea Kosikowski