Michelle's Markdowns: Free yogurt, toothbrushes, toothpaste and more

WILMINGTON, NC (WSFX) - There are great grocery deals this week and even a couple of freebies at the pharmacy.  Our most expensive item was $1.30.

This week we went to Harris Teeter and CVS Pharmacy.

At Harris Teeter, you can still get most of these deals because they came from printable coupons.  The only ones that WEREN'T from the Internet were Eggland eggs and Coke Zero.  Everything else can be printed out here.  (I linked you to coupons.com and southernsavers.com)

Tabasco Buffalo sauce, reg. 3.85.  On sale 2.50.  We had a coupon for .75-cents off that doubled.  [2.50-.75.-.75=1.00]

Tabasco Habanero sauce, reg. 1.95.  On sale, 1.25.  We had a coupon for .50-cents off that doubled [1.25-.50-.50=.25-cents]

Cheerios original cereal, reg. 3.29.  On sale B1G1.  We had a coupon for .75-cents off.

Kellogg's Crunchy Nut cereal, reg. 4.25.  On sale 2.12.  We had a coupon for .70-cents off that doubled.  [2.12-.70-.70=.72-cents]

Yoplait Lactose Free Yogurt, reg. 1.00.  On sale, .60-cents.  We had a coupon for .30-cents off that doubled.  [.60-.30-.30=FREE]

Voskos Yogurt, reg. 1.50.  On sale 1.00.  We had a coupon for 1.00 off 3.  [3.00-1.00=2.00/3=.67-cents each]

Eggland eggs, reg. 2.89.  On sale 2.00.  We had a coupon for .35-cents off that doubled.  [2.00-.35-.35=1.30]

Coke Zero, reg. 1.49.  On sale 1.00.  We had  a coupon for a FREE Coke Zero 1.25 liter.  The coupon printed out a while back when I bought another soft drink a few months ago.


At CVS, there are a few deals going on when you use your Extra Care Bucks.  If you have a CVS care card, you can walk up to the coupon printer and automatically get a coupon for $1 off ANY toothbrush.  If you buy a particularly-marked Colgate toothbrush, you can get $2 back in ECBs.  The Colgate toothbrush is $2.99.  Use your $1 off coupon.  So, now you're down to $1.99.  And then you get back $2.00 in ECBS.  Essentially, it's free.

Also, the Krazy Coupon Lady says you can also get free Crest toothpaste this week, too.

**These deals are shared with the best intentions, so if you notice an error, please tell us.  Also, if you have a great deal to share, pass it along to us!  We'll give you credit when we spread the word.  And remember, please shop ethically.  Don't dumpster dive, don't copy coupons and don't clear shelves.  If you play fair, then everyone wins.

Special thanks to all of our smart shoppers out there!

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