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My Turn: Supreme Court make up has changed over the years

I attended a law school graduation recently and I learned something really interesting from the commencement speaker.  He is a federal judge and he was drawing contrast between 50 years ago and now.

He contends the Supreme Court of today is not nearly as diverse and representative of our country as the court was a half century ago.

I did some research.  And yes, we've come a long way in sex and ethnicity.  But that's where it ends.    

50 years ago, justices came from California, Ohio, Missouri, Alabama, Massachusetts and Texas among other states.  Currently, there isn't one justice from a time zone other than Eastern or Pacific. .

What about religion?  50 years ago, justices identified themselves as Protestant, Presbyterian, Catholic, Methodist, Episcopalian, Baptist and Jewish.  Currently, six are Catholic and three are Jewish - not even one Protestant on the court.

And fifty years ago they came from law schools all across this great land.  Now you pretty much get your choice of two flavors….Harvard or Yale.  Justice Ginsburg graduated from Columbia, but started at Harvard.

 So is diversity alive and well in our nations' highest court?  I think not.

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