Racist group exploiting UNCW murder

"Welcome to the KKK hotline," the recording says.

Just seconds later on a Ku Klux Klan hotline, the speaker directly refers to last week's murder of Jessica Faulkner at UNC-Wilmington.

"Ladies and gentlemen, another young white woman has been raped and murdered by the hands of a savage n-----," The recording says. "This young lady was a student at the university in Wilmington, North Carolina."

It directs anger at 21-year-old Curtis Dixon, the man charged with killing, raping and kidnapping Faulkner.

"This savage beast took it upon himself to brutally beat this girl to death," the recording says. "This is only one of many such cases across America."

The hotline is registered to a KKK political organization from Henderson, likely the Confederate Knights of the KKK.

The Klan made local headlines more than a year ago, when authorities tied members of a KKK splinter group in Johnston county to the murder of a Jacksonville man.

"Add to that horrible resume the fact that they want to take the blood of this young woman and exploit it for political purposes, and I predict it will backfire," said Mike Adams, a sociology expert from UNC-Wilmington.

During the recording, the speaker says Dixon will not be prosecuted harshly enough.

"In the past our ancestors would have had this n----- swinging from a tree before now," the voice on the recording says in anger.

Racist words from a group most agree is dwindling, now turning tragedy into a recruiting tool..

"Join the KKK today," the recording implores. "Hail victory and white power." Then the recording ends.

We contacted UNC-W officials about the recording. They did listen to it, and decided not to comment, saying only that the message is, "Disgusting."

Reported by Aaron Saykin