Beryl brings some flooding; full body scanners at ILM; teen loses foot

Today's been a pretty soggy Wednesday thanks to Tropical Depression Beryl, and it's caused a lot of flooding in some places. Now, it looks like a lot of that rain is leaving the Cape Fear area, but some effects may linger. Keep in mind that a flood watch remains in effect until 5 p.m. for all southeastern NC counties.

If you travel a lot, you might be interested to hear that crews wrapped up construction on the Security Checkpoint Expansion Project at ILM Airport three weeks early. What does this mean for flyers? A second security lane and new Advanced Imaging Technology equipment.

Ouch! A teenager is in the hospital after crashing a school bus into a building during a police chase.

Two Wilmington residents who were wanted in Brunswick County for numerous larcenies have been arrested.

Be sure to tune in tonight starting at 5:00! We'll have more on an event for local young men working to make positive changes in their lives; how robots are playing an important role in surgeries in Columbus County; the latest in the John Edwards campaign corruption trial and much more.

-Michelle Li