Does It Work? The Lint Lizard

WILMINGTON, NC (WSFX)  - The Lint Lizard promises to keep your dryer working better and safe.

If you let lint build up in your dryer, you may have problems with the way it runs or worse, the lint could start a fire.  But the Lint Lizard promises to keep the lint to a minimum.

We found that the assembly was fairly easy.  We didn't really need directions.

We attached the parts together, and then we attached that to our vacuum cleaner.  When it's attached, it looks like a long tube attachment to your vacuum.

During our test, the Lint Lizard couldn't pick up everything, but it did pick up a good majority of the lint.

At the end of the day, we say it works, though there's no way for us to back up the claim that it could prevent fires.  We believe it keeps lint-build-up from happening, though.

We paid about $10 for the Lint Lizard at a local pharmacy.

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