Money in a Minute: Coupon clipping services can be helpful when used the right way

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – People use shortcuts to save money, including coupon clipping services.

There can be some controversy with using clipping services, but the truth is, if it's done ethically, it could help save a lot of money.

For example, I love Smart Balance milk.  When I see a coupon in the paper for it, I go online and get more coupons for that specific product.  It beats trying to buy 10 papers.  I do this because I've been shopping long enough and know if there's a coupon for it, chances are, I can get it for free or next to nothing.

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I'm not buying the coupons - but rather, I'm paying for service to clip the coupons.  The controversy can be over whether the coupons are legit.  You have to go with services and companies you trust.  How do you know?  Word of mouth or blogs are just a good way to start.

The thing we're trying to avoid is coupon fraud.  But, if you work with a credible source (and there are many) you can save big time.

I don't want to advocate for a service, but I know many couponers who find and very useful.

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