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My Turn: Students shouldn't move on until they're ready

Critics of the American education system like to complain that teachers and administrators just pass kids on to the next level regardless if they are ready or not. If they don't want to deal with them, someone else will have to.

When you hear the occasional story of someone graduating from high school without knowing how to read, you think it can't be true. It sounds so absurd - until last week when our news team uncovered notes from a meeting in Pender County where it appeared one middle school intended to send kids on to high school, even if they failed.

The principal is not commenting. And it took four days for the school system to come up with a response that came in the form of a prepared statement. All it said is they plan to assess students at the end of the year and it's up to the principal whether or not to hold them back.

Trust me; we're going to check to see how many, if any, students are left behind this year at Topsail Middle, and other schools in our region.

Let's hope we don't find that this type of activity is the "new normal."

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Emailed response from viewers:

I AGREE!!!!!! when my daughter was a student at Topsail Middle she had to pass everything including the Science EOC, which I diagreed with because it doesn't have anything to do with the "3 R's" Reading, Writing, and Math....That we all grew up knowing if you didn't do well in those classes you would not pass your grade!!!!! You need those for every day survival!!!!! I guess the principal at Topsail Middle just doesn't seem to care about his students anymore.

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