Curtis Dixon's past

It was the second court appearance in two days for 21-year-old Curtis Dixon.

He's now charged not only with Jessica Faulkner's murder, but also kidnapping, rape, and another unspecified sex act. It's a series of crimes investigators say took place in Dixon's dorm room at UNC-Wilmington, where Faulkner's body was found.

This time in court, Dixon has two lawyers at his side. One reads a statement from his absent father, James Ellis Dixon III, who is an assistant to the chancellor at UNC-Charlotte.

"Curtis Dixon's father would like express his deepest sympathies to the Faulkner family for their loss," lawyer Kevin Peters said.

Sympathy... but no apology.

As for Dixon's past, Charlotte-area school records show he was in and out of public schools as a child. He dropped out of high school as a junior in 2000, finishing as a home-schooled student the next year. Dixon enrolled as a freshman at UNC-Wilmington last fall.

But what about the two years in between? Classmates say he was in the military, though investigators will not confirm that.

Dixon had not yet declared a major, but along with Faulkner, he was in a "learning communities" program. It allowed them to take smaller classes, some of which were held right inside the very dorm where Faulkner was murdered.