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Notes indicate Pender school will promote students -- pass or fail

PENDER COUNTY, NC (WECT) - has obtained notes taken in a recent school meeting in Pender County which seem to indicate students at one school will move on to the next grade whether they are ready or not.

The notes have the name of Topsail Middle School principal Jim Klingensmith's name at the top and the date of April 24th this year.

The notes contain information about the end of the school year plans at Topsail Middle. The paper includes the line, "No retentions are planned this year.  We have little to offer in terms of coursework and motivation for students who are not working to potential."

The notes indicate that students who need English and math remediation will be able to get that at Topsail High School prior to starting in English 1 and Algebra 1. tried to speak with Klingensmith today, but he would not confirm anything about the notes or even answer questions. He did say the school system was sending out a statement. The Pender County School system did not send out that statement. In an earlier conversation, they only said a decision to not hold back students seemed a little premature for April.

Pender County Schools did send us the county policy as it pertains to holding students back. It states that the decision lies with the principal based on approved assessments.

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