John Faulkner's 9-11 Call

Curtis Dixon
Curtis Dixon
Jessica Faulkner
Jessica Faulkner

It's a very disturbing conversation between Jessica Faulkner's father and a New Hanover County 911 dispatcher.

Faulkner: "Hi, my name is John Faulkner. My daughter is a student at UNC- Wilmington. She's in the learning community dormitory there. I just got a phone call from one of her classmates that said he murdered her."

Dispatcher: "murdered her?"

Faulkner: "yes, murdered her."

Jessica Faulkner's father makes a desperate attempt to find out what's happened to his daughter.

Dispatcher: "Have you contacted UNCW police?"

Faulkner: "I have, twice. These people aren't moving too quickly on this."

Faulkner accuses UNCW of being too slow to check on Jessica.

Faulkner: "The campus police said they have people in the area looking for a suspect. I could give a damn about a suspect. I want to know what's the status of my daughter."

Dispatcher:"Where is your daughter supposed to be right now?"

Faulkner: "She should be in her dormitory packing up to leave and come home for the summer."

Faulkner then reveals the call he received from Curtis Dixon admitting he killed the 18-year-old from Cary.

Dispatcher: "Have you received death threats?"

Faulkner: "No. She's had a boy stalking her around for quite a long time, and we thought that had gone by the wayside, but he's evidently pretty serious."

Dispatcher: "Was it a previous boyfriend who made threats to you?"

Faulkner: "He was not a boyfriend. He was just a fellow student. He called here this morning. He basically wanted to date my daughter and she refused to date him, and now he basically called this morning and said he murdered her. "

Friday, UNCW defends its handling of the case saying there were two Jessica Faulkners' in their data base and they needed to positively identify the right Jessica.

Dixon, facing charges of murder, kidnapping, and two sex crimes, is back in court Friday morning--two lawyers at his side. Later, one reads a statement from the defendant's father, (who is) a lawyer in Charlotte.

Kevin Peters reads, "Curtis Dixon's father sends his deepest sympathy to the family of Jessica Lee Faulkners family for their loss."

Dixon is back at the New Hanover County Jail, denied bond. Friday the coroner announces the cause of death. Jessica Faulkner was strangled.

Reported By Nicole Konkal: