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My Turn: Speak up if you have an issue

What do the weather, politics and the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority have in common?

A lot of people like to grumble and complain about them.  In fact, most of us do.  But I think it might be time to call for moving the CFPUA out of that category.

Here's why.  This week, they held a budget workshop and public hearing.  Anyone who wanted to come and speak up about issues they have with the authority could do so.  And two people showed up.  That was it.  Not what you would call a huge flood of complaints.

Now, I know what's going to happen here.  I can say it appears that people are satisfied with the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority, and that's great.  But then some of you will email me your complaints.

So here's my response in advance.  If you have a problem, you should have spoken up.  It's not a new concept; they've been putting it in wedding ceremonies for years.  Speak now or forever hold your peace. 

Works for me - at least until the next rate hike. 

That's my turn.  Now it's your turn.  To comment on this segment, or anything else, email me at

Emailed comments from viewers:

Why bother going to a meeting and wasting your time?  They're going to do what they want anyway.  Other meeting that had people with complaints didn't accomplish anything.  All we ever get is another rate increase which I understand is on the way anyway.


It could be that the public meeting was not very well advertised.
I had a meeting with two of there engineering staft to discuss a problem of great importance to residence in the Greenview Ranches area a couple of weeks ago. Wonder why I was not told about this meeting.


I wonder if anyone has a good reason, I'm sure there are as many (reasons), as those asked,  but good...

I don't know, why all public service vehicles from fire trucks, ambulances, police cars seem to run 24/7.

Whether one goes by Krispy Creme, Hardees, Handy Hugoes, if there is a public service vehicle, it is

running. Why can't these vehicles be turned off when not in use? Do they have different batteries that

won't allow restarting over and over? Do public service operations get a special price on fuel?


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