Does It Work? The Clipa

WILMINGTON, NC – (WSFX) – We're putting the Clipa to the test.  It promises to be a heavy-duty purse holder as well as a fashionable bracelet.  Celebs and even the Queen of England are supposedly Clipa users.

We've seen the Clipa given away in Hollywood gift bags during events like the Emmys, but we wanted to see if it would live up to the demands of every-day-people.

We asked Nikki Bussey to test it out for us.  Bussey says she goes to great lengths to keep her purse off of a public bathroom floor.

""I have always found a way to keep it off the floor," she said.  "I've hung it around my neck before just to keep it off the floor."

Bussey said she took the Clipa everywhere.  It is a simple, round and small device that opens up to allow a purse to hang from just about any surface.

"I thought it was really useful," Bussey said.

It was pretty obvious to us that it worked.  But, we wanted to know if it would hold up to its promise of carrying a 45 pound bag.

We took it to the Wilmington Athletic Club to put it to our test. Not only did the Clipa hold 45 pounds, it showed no problems holding 55 pounds.  We were more worried about our bag busting.

Bussey said she's sold on all aspects but one.  The Clipa also advertised that it could double as a bracelet or a bangle.

"There's no way that I would wear that," said Bussey.

That may be her personal style, but several of Bussey's coworkers said they liked the way it looked as a bracelet.

Nonetheless, Bussey said she liked the Clipa and could see its value.

"I would say this would save some of your bags in the long run."

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