UNCW students react to murder on campus

It's a sea of somber faces on the campus of UNC-Wilmington.  Not what you'd expect on the last day of school. Many are in shock after one of their own is murdered.

"The whole building can't even believe this has happened, especially on the last day of school," Adrianne Wells, a UNCW student said.  "Who would think this would happen?"

Another student, Jessica Buchanan agrees. "It's just creepy. I didn't expect this at all. When they told me, I didn't believe it."

Don Nyenhuis came to help his granddaughter move out of the very same dorm where the body of the Jessica Faulkner was found.

"Our granddaughter just found out around six," Nyenhuis said.  "She was finishing her last exam. She knows the fellow [accused of the murder] -- knows him very well. She said, 'Grandpa, how could he do that?' You don't have answers for that kind of thing."

It's an even darker ending to what's been a difficult year.

"UNCW seems like a safe place," says Adrianne Wells. "But we've had two kids overdose on heroin, and now this."

Campus officials say most of the students have already moved out, but for those that are still around, grievance counselors will be available.

It's definitely not the expected ending to what should have been a much happier day.

Reported by Darcy Douglass