Trial set for man accused of videotaping stepdaughter; more bank fees; Pantano supports Rouzer

A father from New Hanover County is getting ready to go on his trial for sexual exploitation and peeping charges. Officials say he allegedly set up a camera and recorded his stepdaughter in her bedroom.

Just days after losing the Republican nomination for the Congressional District, Illario Pantano is throwing in his support for winner David Rouzer and other Republican candidates. By how much? The dollar amount may surprise you.

Do you bank with Wells Fargo? If so, you might be facing some new fees soon.

"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." It's a saying you've probably heard before, and now, it's also a hit Kelly Clarkson song on the radio. But a group of cancer patients and staff at one hospital is giving it a whole new meaning.

Be sure to tune in tonight starting at 5:00! We'll have more on an academic minor that's being cut from UNCW; new details about the arrests in the Fair Bluff Police Chief drug trafficking investigation; reaction to President Obama's gay-marriage endorsement and much more.

-Frances Weller