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My Turn: Why hasn't McIntyre endorsed President Obama?

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Congressman Mike McIntyre Congressman Mike McIntyre

I think Congressman Mike McIntyre is a smart man.  And he's been in office long enough to know, he's going to get questions he probably doesn't want to answer.  So he shouldn't have been surprised when our reporter asked him why he hasn't endorsed President Obama for re-election.  He avoided answering that question twice on the same day, in different venues.  

So that leaves it up to anyone interested in the answer, and I believe that extends to more people than just our reporter, to speculate.  So I will.

Both are running for re-election and both are from the same party.  It's customary to support your team.  But it is not that simple for Mike McIntyre.  He's been a Blue Dog Democrat for years, meaning he's on the conservative side of the Democratic Party. 

His opponent in 2010 tried to paint him as being more liberal than he really is.  According to his votes this past session, I think Mike McIntyre became even more conservative.  But he won't change parties. 

So, here's his dilemma.  He can't abandon his base completely and he needs financial support from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in this year's general election.   But supporting the President might give the opposition the fodder they're looking for.

And my thoughts are he's had two years to come up with a better answer than no answer at all.

That's my turn.  Now it's your turn.  To comment on this segment, or anything else, email me at

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