Police chief faces drug charges; protestors arrested; marriage amendment votes

The North Carolina constitutional amendment defining marriage as a union between one man and one woman passed with 61 percent of voters being in favor of the amendment. Four out of the five counties in WECT's viewing area voted overwhelmingly in favor of the amendment, while New Hanover County voters were virtually split on the measure. On the heels of the amendment passing, President Obama announced today that he supports same-sex marriage.

Fair Bluff Police Chief Marty Lewis bonded out of jail late last night under a $50,000 bond. He faces several drug charges, and is accused of making a drug transaction while in uniform and on duty.

Six protesters were arrested at Bank of America headquarters today in Charlotte as the group called 99% Power rallied at the annual shareholders meeting.

If you're a big fan of author Nicholas Sparks or romantic movies, you might be happy to hear that movie executives with the upcoming movie Safe Haven have been checking out Southport for film production.

Be sure to tune in tonight starting at 5:00. We'll have more on what's next for an area official who wasn't reelected; why local beach communities are working fast to protect themselves from a potentially messy situation; a link researchers have discovered between looking good and yogurt and much more.

-Jon Evans